My passions in life!

I love to do too many things in my life and I am good on some others. But I strongly believe that when you are passionate about something you will always be the best on doing that.

Therefore, I have to mention that I have three amazing passions in life: To travel, Languages and Marketing. First, I love to travel not only because it is super fun, but also because it is wonderful to meet people from all over the world, to get to know their culture, their food, their customs and how do they think. The world has views that you have never imagined, and to travel is the only way to see it and feel it at the same time.

My second passion is to learn languages. Thanks God I have seen that I have the skill to learn them fast, but I also see it like a hobby and it makes it even more delightful. So far I speak fluent Spanish and English, and I am in the learning process of Portuguese. But I have to say that my goal is to be polyglot and to visit different countries being able to communicate with local people.

Finally, I have being interested on Marketing since I was in College. I love to understand how the customers think, what is really important for them to make a decision about a brand or a product, and I love to create campaigns to transmit the passion from a brand to the customers.

To sum up, the perfect work for me is the one that combines my three passions in life: To do the MARKETING about the places I have TRAVELED to, writing in a LANGUAGE other than my native language.

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